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Competitions where you must log-in to a Facebook account before entering. Actions required may include liking, following or sharing a page, posting a comment or simply entering your details.


Large Kent Round Metal Garden Sculpture Ball

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Website: bowleyandjackson.co.uk

Closing: 29th Jun 2019

Added: 12th Jun 2019

Details Required:

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  • Email Address

Description: The Kent rusted metal sculpture has been brilliantly designed, made from wide strips of rusted metal resulting in a classical styled garden sculpture. The item is valued at £27.00.

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Luxury Hamper

Facebook Comp

Website: handpickedcottages.co.uk

Closing: 30th Jun 2019

Added: 4th Jun 2019

Instructions: The hamper, worth £86.95, comes packed with luxury treats including holiday essentials such as wine and chocolate! All you have to do to enter is like and share our competition post on Facebook.

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