Protecting Yourself, Privacy & Cookies

Basic guidance the workings of the website and how to protect your personal information while entering competitions.

Data stored directly by Competitions Time

We try to store only the absolute minimum amount of personal data required for the site to operate.

Competitions Tracker:

This is an optional service to keep track of competitions that you have entered. If you choose to use this service, we will create an account and store the name/email and unique identifier given to us by your chosen login provider.

We will not contact you using these details.

After logging in, the following details are stored and tied to your account:

  • The date of your last login - so we can delete old, unused accounts
  • Competitions entered - to highlight those that you have entered
  • Competitions rated - to show your rating, which then forms the aggregate rating
  • Problems reported - which are then deleted once investigated

All accounts unused for 6 months are automatically deleted. If you wish for your account to be deleted now, please email [email protected] and mention your chosen login method and email address/name.

Email Newsletter:

The weekly newsletter requires you to enter an email address. We then send you an email to confirm your subscription (double opt in), upon clicking the subscribe link you will be added to the mailing list.

The newsletters contain an unsubscribe link at the top of the email.

Competition Submission:

Submitting a competition requires a valid email address. A manual confirmation email may be sent to this address if the submission is accepted - it will not be used for any other mailing activities. All email addresses are removed after 3 months.


None of the competitions listed on this website are organised or run by We simply link to third party websites who run their own competitions. These websites have their own privacy policies and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.

Before entering any third party competition, please read the terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully to understand

1) whether you are eligible to win the prize specified

2) how the information you provide in the entry form will be used

If you do not wish to be contacted when entering a competition, please look out for any tick boxes which indicate whether you are opting in to any marketing.

This website is a free service that is supported by Google Adsense advertisements. Google will attempt to personalise adverts according to the context of the page where they are displayed. As we feature competitions, adverts may also occasionally resemble a competition - please be think careful before clicking on an advert and giving away your personal information.

Google Adsense adverts can be identified by the Adsense Icon icon in the top right corner.

Competitions featuring an enter button marked with a '*' indicate an affiliate link which may generate a payment to the site. (e.g. )

Avoiding Unwanted Marketing

Competitions are a marketing exercise where the aim could be to generate traffic for a website, to promote a product or to gather customer details to contact later.

We attempt to examine each competition before listing and indicate the kinds of marketing that we expect you will receive by entering.

Look out for the following labels next to each listing:


Forced to opt-in to receiving marketing from the host website and/or prize suppliers. (generally an email newsletter).

Third Party Marketing

Forced to opt-in to receiving marketing from third party companies. You are giving the host website permission to pass your details onto other companies not directly involved in the competition who will contact you using the given details.

As a basic rule: you cannot be contacted if you do not provide the information. When entering a competition, consider the personal details an entry form requires and whether you mind being contacted by those methods.

Be wary of giving away your phone number as you may be giving consent to receive marketing calls. Companies must stop calling you if you explicitly ask them to. Which? have a useful guide for dealing with persistant callers.

Email: Consider registering an alternative email address solely for use with competitions. If the spam becomes too much, simply register another address. (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo)

Phone: Many mobile networks give away Pay As You Go SIM Cards for free. If you have an old or spare phone, consider getting a new SIM card and using that phone number for competitions.


Like most websites, we use cookies to improve your user experience and to collect anonymous statistics that aid future development.

A cookie is small text file, stored on your computer or mobile device. It will contain an anonymous identifier so that our site can recognise you when you use the same browser to return.

Cookies do various tasks on this site, such as remembering you're logged in and your viewing preferences. We also use cookies to measure traffic to our site. is a free service that is supported by advertisements. The advertising networks may also use cookies to serve personalised adverts based on prior visits to this and other websites. You may opt-out of interest-based advertising by visiting ads settings or

For more information about the cookies, please visit